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Age: 22
Name: Ashleigh
Skin Color(It doesnt matter, you dont have to answer this but it helps if somebody wants you to be color specific): White
I Cosplay: Tsunade and Konan from Naruto, China from APH, and Mirai from Baccano!.
Any Cosplays i plan on doing?: There are a lot of costumes that I want to do, I'm currently working on here and there: Agnes (T&B), Botan (YYH), Temari (Naruto), Nekozawa (OHSHC), Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin), Matsumoto (Bleach), Kikyo (Inu-Yasha), Ukraine and Monaco (Hetalia), and Twilight Sparkle (MLP).
My Next Cosplay i will be working on: N/A
Do I Crossplay?: Depends.
State: Washington
City: Tri-cities or Ellensburg
If you have an account on any other cosplay/ Sites, put the links here:
Any Comments On the sites?: N/A
Upcoming cons ?: Kuroneko Con and possibly Radcon, Sakura Con, Kumori Con, and Aki Con.
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