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Originally Posted by LockedxxHeart View Post
@Aurora - I know, it totally sucks! I mean, I am looking forward to the Doctor Who group I get to do on Saturday, but it would have been fun to be DC or Marvel cosplay for the shoot.
Thank you so much, I'm glad we're doing Marvel on the same day. I can't wait to see your X-Men group, that sounds so amazing and you have an absolutely awesome line-up for your group.

If time permits, I'll hopefully come by on Friday since there's going to be some cool costumes then that I'd like pictures of.
Hopefully you guys won't mind a DC cosplayer clashing the party? We can all get along, right?
It does!! But, I can't just not do AC- unless I don't finish my costume or something and tell them I was too busy with school....
I'm glad we're doing Marvel the same day too!! I really want photos with you guys! I love Avengers, but aside from that lolita thing I'm doing Friday, there's nobody I can really cosplay as. I've always wanted to do Ms. Marvel but..the fact that her legs are completely exposed wouldn't work for me unless I lose a bunch of weight. I think my legs are way too fat, I'd blind people.
I'm actually even nervous about my X-men costume and freaking out over it. I have NO idea what kind of fabric I'm supposed to use, and I'm afraid if I pick the wrong thing, or I don't size it perfectly or whatever, that my legs will look horrible. Oh well.

And..idk, I can't guarantee your safety. I will restrain my self from beating the hell out of you, but I can't speak for other Marvel cosplayers at the shoot. Come at your own risk. XD

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