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Okay, I'll add your friend to the list!! Is it Christian(ScruffyHawkeye) by any chance? Just wondering, since you just reminded me with the Hawkeye post that he's doing Hawkeye on Saturday. So just wondering if we have the same friend or if it's another person being Hawkeye too.

And Chris Hemsworth...oh, if only. Though, admittedly, I'm actually a Tom Hiddleston fangirl. I would die if he actually came to NYCC this year. Idk how, but I didn't know he was there last year. Probably because I usually don't give a damn about celebrities so never looked at their guest list. And then found out from a friend who met him, afterwards when it was too late, that he had been there.

But, I thought the 2 of them can't come since they'll be doing filming on the Thor sequel. And RDJ will probably still be working on Iron Man 3, though idk when that ends, maybe he'll be done by October?

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