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Name of Product:
Order 1: Jessica Eyes Sunrise Blue and Sunrise Grey
Order 2: Jessica Eyes Sunrise Grey and Sunrise Green
Where Purchased:
Product Description:
Monthly disposable colored contact lenses
Comparable in price to other monthly disposables and offer styles that are bold enough for cosplay as well as some that are "normal" enough for regular wear.

They have bad customer service, are dishonest, and assume you do not know how things work or anything about contact lenses.

I noticed these guys back in June and decided to order in early July in time for Otakon. They are located near Las Vegas so I figured I would try supporting a domestic business instead of buying foreign this time. Checkout was quick and easy, no problems there. 1 thing I noticed is that they never send a shipment notification, you have to log in and see it on your account. They do use delivery confirmation but that number is not shared with you. It is annoying, but shipments took only a few days to arrive so that was a nice change. Anyway, first order arrives, the blue lenses are gorgeous, comfortable, and look great with my costume. A few weeks later I took out the grey lenses to wear for a picnic and noticed that they were incredibly uncomfortable and appeared to be from different lots because the lenses looked very different. Seeing as they are monthly disposables, I tossed them and figured it was a fluke. The blue pair was fine, afterall.

I placed another order 8/12 for replacement grey lenses and wanted to try the green lenses too. Again, no shipment confirmation so I logged in and saw that my order shipped and it arrived on 8/16. Anyway, I opened the padded envelope and took out the green lenses first. The sticker on the box noted that they expire 07/2017 and thought that was great. After removing the shrink-wrap I noticed the blister packs with the lenses. One lens expired 04/2011 and the other is set to expire 06/2016. Additionally they were from different lots [obviously], as was indicated on the label, and were 2 different diameters and designs [expired lens was 14mm and the other lens was 14.2mm. They had redesigned the lens since the expired one had been manufactured and visually it makes a huge difference that is especially pronounced when they changed the color, design, and size. I checked the grey lenses and they were the same expiry of 06/2016 while their box was also labeled for 07/2017 expiry, but the lot numbers matched on the grey lenses, I believe I have a matching pair here.

I emailed them explaining all these things and stating that I was very concerned about receiving the expired goods and wanted a refund on that pair. I received a rather curt email back which glazed over my concerns:

Thank you for your email. We are sorry that you did not like the color. Please ship the item back to our warehouse. The item must be shipped within 48hrs of this email for the exchange to be valid. Please provide us with the tracking number as soon as you ship the item. Here is our return address:

So they wanted to treat it like I was being a picky customer who disliked the color or had buyer's remorse. No, I did like the color, but I want fresh products. I also expected my order to contain lenses from the same lot so that they match. As per site policy, you have 2 days to return unopened products for a refund or exchange. Not wanting to risk receiving more mixed lot/ expired lenses, I decided to mail the green pair back w/ delivery confirmation. I kept all my receipts and took good photos so I can provide my credit card company with solid evidence if it goes to that point.

I emailed back saying I wanted a refund and asked if they would cover the return shipping since this was not a case of me getting cold feet about my purchase, this was a mistake that they should make right since they let expired, mislabeled, and misleading products out their doors. Their response was as follows:

Thank you for your email. The lenses are made to order and not expired. This was a print error. The buyer is responsible for any return shipping. Please let us know what you want for exchange. Please note it must be same price or less. Thank you.

I found this to be exceptionally hilarious.
1.) Are they seriously saying that monthly disposable lenses are “made to order”?
2.) That margin of error for printing: the box had 1 expiration date and each lens inside had a different date, one of which was expired.
3.) They ignored the fact that 1 lens is bigger than the other and the lot numbers are right THERE… and are different.

This issue is not yet resolved. I replied to their latest email stating again that I wanted a refund. They obviously do not care about customer satisfaction or repeat customers. They just want the money now. I originally opted to buy from them because I wanted to buy domestically. I do want to like them but it is rather difficult to do that when they have some shady business practices and make the assumption that the customer knows nothing. So, now that the lenses are in the mail, I will wait and see if I get that refund. If not, I will be taking all of this to my credit card company.

In the meantime, guys, avoid this store like the plague. I cannot even guarantee that the lenses I am sending back will be destroyed. Seeing how they are treating me and my concerns here, they may just shrink-wrap the box and ship them out to fill an order which is only slightly unethical, just slightly heh.

Photos [click to zoom in]

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0 at the moment
and it will stay that way unless and until this can be resolved amicably. We will see - I will keep this updated.
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