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Okay guys

So recently I found out that I am a 36A (which is a relief to me since I thought that I was a B cup) and I was looking into getting a Compression Tank/Shirt from Underworks. [Preferably the Style 594 Muscle one so it can keep my stomach flat as well.]

I measured my bust size (40in with breasts included) and then measured underneath (33in) like the way to figure out what size to get says to do. I added them together (40+33=73) and then found the average (36.5in).

Now my problem is this.
For the Style 594 Muscle the small size goes from a chest 32-35in and then the medium size goes from 36-39in. I am not really sure if the medium size one would be a bit too big since I am at the start of a medium and the end of the small.

Are there any females out there with my cup size that got the Compression Body T? What size did you girls get them in? What size would probably work best for me? I truly do not wish to waste money for the product to stretch or hurt me. :[

Thank you for your help!
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