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Originally Posted by Lydialulu View Post
You *have* to watch Samurai Champloo, Funimation's youtube video provides all the full length episodes. It's not a horribly long series but you get so hooked on it and the plot line is great.
Thank you Lydialulu! I'll make a point to check that out.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on this thread in a week, summer semester is coming to a close. Which means I've been frantically trying to get all my class projects completed in time, one more week...a few days left.

In other news, last weekend I came across the anime "The Sacred Blacksmith", I don't remember if it was recommended or if I just came across it. Either way, I recommend it. Though I should mention that while it is a great anime with wonderful characters (who at times are overly dramatic and a bit goofy), the series was canceled after the first season. Fortunately the majority of the conflicts between the main characters was taken care of enough to provide some amount of resolution. Or rather by the final episode you finally understand their goals and purposes for what they did all through out the season.

Lastly I found this site and particularly this link to the movie Tekken Blood Vengeance I thought many of you might enjoy.
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