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Originally Posted by heaven_firings View Post
So I need some help picking a wig for Rarity. I plan on making the curls myself so that's why they're straight.

I'm just not sure about what a good starting length would be mainly but any other tidbits of helpful info are welcome.

Option 1 Not sure if the layering will affect the styling process.
Option 2 Not sure if this one is long enough.
Option 3 Same concern as option 2
Option 4

So yeah, some minor concerns that people more experienced with wig styling can help figure out. Color is another issue but hopefully can be resolved when I get responses from the sellers.
Personally out of your options, I like 2 the best. I'm also going to cosplay Rarity, and this is the wig I got:

Rarity Wig

This wig is really curly, though it can be touched up if needed. :3

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