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@SuperBee: That would be cool if he brought Auron back! I love that character lol. And oh! duct tape Luigi, is that one one riding Yoshi that you made?? I yet have to see that cosplay in person!~

@Ani_BEE: Ahahaha! Awesome! It sounds interesting. And cool for the fairy test! Though I have to admit, the doll on the right kinda freaked me out a little bit, teeheehee, like I think you took your cosplay role as The Red Queen a little bit too seriously there, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" lol. XD jks.

And yup! Celes's dress is being totally lined. I have always been very comfortable with hand stitching things, and seeing that I am going to be handstitching on ALL of that cording like pattern on her dress by hand, I just figured why not sew the rest of the dress by hand too? It'd be nothing compared to all that... x'D I think maybe? lol I'll see I guess.

@Angathol: *giggles at your picture*
Due to health, I cannot work on cosplays like I was able to in the past. :'( Or attend cons with ease. Few cosplays that I am working on (when body allows) are:
Vampire Hunter D - D (Amano ver.) 5%
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Zelda 15%
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