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samurai jack, its not quite anime but it has so many elelments of anime in it. beautifuly made but not finished.

i have watched a few epidoes of Baccano! and i think its a good series, its like "DRR" mixed with cowboy bebop set in a different time.

im not sure how popular negima once was or is but i have watched most of the series (i sill have to watch the last episode but i have not been in the mood for it so its on hold for now)

i really just wish that i could have been around for when all the series i liked where popular, i would have made so many friends...

but kurohime i have a few volumes of the magna and its a good funny series that does not take away from the story with the humor.

the one series i think deserves allot of attention is the .hack sign, with a beautiful musical score and artwork it is a very underrated series.
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