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Now with cosplay ADD
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I keep getting dragged into photoshoots.... so I'm bringing like... 7 costumes?!? How did that happen?
Riza Hawkeye (casual, formal, military), FMA
Gijinka!White Mokona (maybe), Tsubasa
Captain Unohana, Bleach
Nurse!Medusa, Soul Eater
Nurse Shizuka Marikawa, Highschool of the Dead
Trainer May and Onix/Bellsprout/Doduo, Pokemon
Tanyuu, Mushishi
Merida, Brave

I may drop a couple. HRM. BUT I LOVE THESE COSPLAYS. HRM.
2012 Con list:
Anime Matsuri, Comicpalooza, A-kon
Delta H-Con, AFest
Onicon, Ikkicon

Wip cosplays:
Newest: Tanyuu from Mushishi

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