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A tool belt would be very in-character. Perhaps make it out of two belts - one that's a little snug and rides at your waist over your hips - (for support and positioning, maybe between the middle and bottom buttons) and a second one that's way too big, attached to the small belt on one side of your waist, and allowed to sag about halfway down the skirt on the other side. But you couldn't put any tools on the low side of the lower belt, or it would squish the skirt (depending on how supporting your petticoats are). Here's some inspiration:

I'll occasionally go to the thrift store or Goodwill and buy a half-dozen assorted belts (^_^)

If there's a military surplus store near you, definitely check them out for little bits and trinkets and connectors and such.

How about a radio antenna coming up out of your hat? Got to be in contact with the rest of V.I.L.E., right?

One last thought: It's gonna be hot in Atlanta. That coat looks pretty toasty. I hope it's not thick felt like the picture looks... stay hydrated. (not that I'm one to talk, last year I walked around all Sunday in a full Nomex race suit)
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