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I'm currently playing Fallout: New Vegas. My boyfriend bought a PS3 so I have been playing it on that (he got all the New Vegas DLCs, the quest I am doing now is a DLC). I got used to the controls okay, I was used to playing Fallout 3 on XBox 360 so the controls aren't all that different. It's fun but because the PS3 is refurbished it lags sometimes but meh.

Also playing Street fighter IV on PS3, I hate Seth. There is a glitch in super easy mode that changes his difficulty to super hard. Trying to get through the game with all the characters without dying once, one of the reasons to play the arcade mode on very easy. XD

When october rolls around I will be picking up White 2 for me and my boyfriend is getting Black 2 for himself. Pretty stocked about that coming out in english.
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