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Thank you very much! I've actually never seen the ad for it, haha, but it was one of the few brands that offered a BB Cream in multiple shades.

I'm not sure since you have eczema...but when I wear mine, I put my regular mositurizer on before applying the BB Cream. As you have sensitive skin, I'd try a brand called Simple, its meant specifically for sensitive skin. Or Ambi, which is a black skin care line that me and my boyfriend use (he has eczema too). Here's a link to both, at CVS:

Simple Skin Care: here

Ambi: here

After cleaning your face with either of these products and then applying a moisturizer, you should be okay to apply the BB Cream. As far as color goes, it should be fine. I tried the Medium/Deep color and it looked fine until I took a picture, lol. That's the best way to test the shades. If you show up white-faced in a picture with the flash on that means your make-up is the wrong shade. But I'm actually brighter than the deep tone and it blends really well. The good thing about buying make-up is that if it doesn't match, most stores let you return it.

You could try the L'Oreal BB Cream in Deep or go for a more expensive brand like Too Faced or Smashbox ($32 and $36 respectively), but I haven't tried either of those yet. BB Cream is brand new and the American market is just now getting their hands on it, so there aren't that many brands that have the "deeper" shades for people like us.

Another idea is getting the light BB Cream and mixing it with your regular foundation. I'd imagine a good foundation for someone with your skin type would be something that's hypoallergenic, possibly talc free. Anyway, what you do in this method is get a little bit of the BB Cream and then mix it with a small amount of foundation (powder or liquid). You want to have enough to visibly see the color change but not TOO much; I'd check out Youtube for better instructions...since I've never tried this method.

I will say, though, if your face starts itching or feelings odd, TAKE THE MAKE-UP OFF IMMEDIATELY. We don't want to make your eczema flair up or anything. Other than that, I think you'll be fine. Make sure you keep your recepit, lol.

Oh and I forgot... I give the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream a 7/10 because my face looks visbly brighter but my oily spots are still a bit shiny, ^__^;
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