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So I stay pretty active (sambo practice a few times a week, plus weightlifting, plus a good 40-70 miles of cycling a week just getting around this hilarious city), and I've found a few things help me stay motivated.
-One is functional goals, which typically come to me by way of martial arts/grappling. In my case, I want to be able to squat/deadlift more so that I can mighty mighty back and leg muscles to suplex dudes (if you've never suplexed anyone, it is like the most spiritually satisfying feeling ever).
-Second, I like to think of fitness as an insurance plan. The more active I stay, the slower entropy will overtake my mortal form. The healthier I am, the less likely I am to develop diabetes or high blood pressure or any of the other scourges that plague America. The denser my bones and the more muscle tissue I can wrap them in, the less likely I am to be injured by unforseen accidents.
Since I lack *actual* health insurance, this is compounded by economic interests and a deep desire to not be plunged into medical dept.
-Third, I like fighting against stereotypes. The assumption that nerds are all fat and unathletic or rail-thin and weak always bothered me, and as a HUGE nerd, I want to be as much a living counterexample to the worst that others might assume about My People.
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