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Question guys: I'm attempting different ways of pinning my fabric onto the end of my Ariel tail for her fluke, but i just cant get it to look right... I wanted to cut the shape in the ends AFTER I've pinned it/sewn it into the main tail, but at the moment, its hanging straight down, and I cant quite get the right shape I want.... help?

Going for this sort of shape:

How mine looks currently:

On the left side of the image/fluke its got that bulge because its fabric not pinned into the tail.. i got left with it, after I roughly pinned the fabric in place... so I know how to fix that bit but I dont know what I can do, to achieve that "flared out' look from the bottom of the main tail, into the fluke like the parks tail has, if you get what I mean? I'm using lycra silk touch fabric for it, so I know it will want to just hang just down, but i dont want it looking so...flat I guess lol

The waist fin though I'm really pleased with.. just gotta sew it in place:
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