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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
samurai jack, its not quite anime but it has so many elelments of anime in it. beautifuly made but not finished.

i have watched a few epidoes of Baccano! and i think its a good series, its like "DRR" mixed with cowboy bebop set in a different time.
Bacanno! is like DRRR! because I think it's made by the same person.
Two people from Bacanno were actually in DRRR! I totally forgot
their names though lol I know one is Isac I forget the girls name that is
always with him (only watched a few eps of Bacanno).

@J_Otaku - Omg, I'm surprised to find someone else who has watched Marmalde Boy.
Its such a great shoujo it's sad that it gets over looked.

@Ani_BEE - I was starting to think no one watched Rinne No Lagrange. That anime
was decent and cute. I need to start the second season.

I'm not sure if I said this yet but I have to say Guilty Crown is pretty
underrated now.
I would also like to add "Another"is one that is underrated also.
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