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I've got a few genderbends I'm either working on or would like to do. I'm planning to debut my genderbend Wolfwood at Ohayocon this year. She simply wears the women's version of Wolfwood's clothes. I just need to finish the confessional.
Another I have ready to go except the wig is a genderbend Piro from MegaTokyo. Just jeans, t-shirt, and a plaid shirt. I just need to get the Chibi from Arda to finish her off. I just hope that Fred is able to come to Ohayocon when I get around to wearing her. It would be fun to get his opinion on her.
I have another one ready to go, but her debut depends on my hubby. It's a genderbend Murphy MacManus from The Boondock Saints. Like Wolfwood, just female clothes instead of male. But hubby really wants to do Connor and doesn't want it to seem like he's copying me when he had the idea first. He rarely does costumes, so I don't want to prevent that at all.

The one I would love to do once I have enough money to put into her is a genderbend Tuxedo Mask. I looked at Tuxedo Mask and went "What would he wear if he were a woman?" The biggest difference is that she'll be wearing an evening dress instead of the tux. Unfortunately the most expensive part is going to be making the cape followed by getting the wig.

I love the idea of doing genderbends. I run across problems when my vision of the female version looks like a lazy crossplayer (aka unbound). So I just crossplay and be done with it, most of the time.

Oh! I forgot! This is the only FtM genderbend I've seen and it's awesome!
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