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Really really weird one last week. It was Halloween and my friends and I were at the mall in costume, I was Hatori from Fruits Basket. Then my friend randomly picked a cat up off the ground and decided to keep it, but he knew we wouldn't let him so he ran into this gigantic 10 story Macy's. We followed him in there and it turned out Dartz from Yu-Gi-Oh was the president of Macy's so he was trying to help us find our friend, except it was Dartz from the Abridged series with the color changing hair and the weird accent. We eventually found him, but by the time we did, I'd somehow changed costumes. I don't remember into what though.

then two nights ago, I dreamt my friends and I went to cosplay at the mall on Halloween (again) and my one friend was forcing us all to cosplay Panty & Stocking. I don't like that show, even in my dream so I spent the entire dream hiding behind clothes racks and trying to find a friggin' pair of Pants. I finally ended up changing into Mello from Death Note before waking up.

And when I fell asleep in the car on the way home from my family vacation, I dreamt that somebody (who I later found out was Dr. Horrible) kept stealing all of my good cosplay pants and cutting them up, and every time I tried to by new pants they were out of stock.

Yeah, my brain is weird :/
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