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Hello everyone!! I am attending my local convention Kumoricon in about a week and a half (Sep 1-3), and I am going to cosplay as Kyouko Sakura!! with my friend who is doing Homura. :]

Anyways, I've pretty much made all of my costume, here's a few snapshots of it:

If anyone could provide some feedback that would be great! I also have a few other questions...

Does anyone have any ideas about what type of makeup I should use for Kyouko? Should I try to make my eyes "look bigger" or should I just try to make myself "look pretty"? Here is a picture of my face with a bit of makeup on, and about to the extent of my makeup knowledge xD (sorry about the size)
If anyone has any ideas or tutorials or whatever, it would be greatly appreciated!! :]

Also my Kyouko wig came in the mail and it looks good, except the bangs are really long and I don't really have any idea how to cut them haha... does anyone have any ideas for that? xD

Sorry for all of the questions lol but I really don't have much of an idea and this is my first time cosplaying/going to a convention haha. Thanks so much!!!
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