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There's a surprising amount of mermaid tail YouTube and tutorials. Have any of those helped?

I remember seeing one by a girl who did all of Ariel's sisters if I can find it I'll post. It seemed very thorough.

Meanwhile I'm almost done Cinderellas mice dress bodice. I am so dumb so distraced by kids after sewing right sides together I didn't flip it right side out and sewed it all together and thought I was done velcro and all (Velcro so it's easier for dress up time after our trip for the girls to play) and THEN I noticed all the unfinished edges.*

Don't you hate when you're like man im making great progress and bam you see huge mistakes?!

But I've straightened it out and figured out wha to do for the white shoulders... Almost done!*

Also tore apart my rapunzel dress. Planning on checking to see of I can redo the skirt with the fabric I have or just order more... If I get the other fabric I can at least reuse this fabric for the new bodice*

So wish I could get the spoonflower stuff!
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