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Originally Posted by SasoriCereal View Post
vocaloid may be dying down but i wanted to go as gakupo singing dragon or len magnet depends honestly
I wouldn't say it's dying down. There were plenty of them in AnimeNEXT, Anime Expo, and Otakon. I think it's more like NYCC is scaring off anime and Vocaloid cosplayers by taking away the NYAF brand (even though I know there are other anime gatherings being planned).
Originally Posted by Starrehchan View Post
I'm actually going to NYCC on Saturday (October 11th) as Rolling Girl Miku. If you try to find me, I'm short, and I have a black eye, gauze, and a nosebleed. I'm probably a lot shorter than you so it wouldn't look too good, but I'm going as a Vocaloid so yeah. xD
Ah, it doesn't matter if you're short. Everyone is welcome to join this gathering! The more, the merrier!
Originally Posted by Ben R. View Post
Well really want to do a casual Len as I said before but depending on money I could do that later and try to get Kaito done
Got it!
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