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At threestories' request, I'll be there on Sunday to take photos. In addition to the big group shots, I'll have my lights and lovely assistant (and maaayyybe my black backdrop) so I'll be prepared to do individuals and small groups.

I'm not super familiar with the show/lore/characters (though my wife is) so I won't be so good at directing your posing. Please think about your poses in advance for the individual portraits; dramatic poses make for dramatic photos, and we'll need to move things along a little quickly so that everyone gets a chance And, if you're not good at posing yourself, I can happily guide and direct with some generic pose types that work well for many characters.

If you'd like to see some of my favorites from recent work, please see my "photographer available" thread here:

Looking forward to meeting you all. I do love well-done costumes and dedicated cosplayers.


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