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If only I could give out upvotes on this site... I too can vouch Slapthefatcat's claim that Metal Artisan's view is awesome.

For me, especially when it comes to things like running and cycling, I am in it for the sights! The beach is 13 miles away you say? Hey then, lets go and hang out at the beach for a while and come back. I don't have a license or car you say? That's fine. At 0.00$ a gallon, my legs will take me there just fine! Oh there is a giant hill you say? Not a problem, hills are awesome!! I'll just enjoy the view as I am descending down that hill. But your legs are on fire and screaming for you to stop you say; well you got me there, but that is also what make its fun! Nothing like climbing a giant hill on a fixed gear bicycle or sprinting by foot! That shortness of breath and the feeling that your lungs are going to explode and that your legs turned into linguine like Rick James on Eddie Murphy's couch!

Usually on my long distance rides/runs I try to make it a point to experience something new each time. Whether that be traveling to a different place in itself or taking another route to a particular place, I try to make it so that each experience will yield something new and exciting, mix it up!

Oh and I spend hours staring at comparisons of Christian Bale between the Machinist and Batman Begins, and then back to the Fighter, and then to the Dark Knight rises again. Hes human right, so I should be able to do it. At the same time, Christian Bale is not human, but still inspires me to work harder....

Speaking of which I need to work harder!!
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