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Exactly, Igai! Cycling is one of those life hacks, when you get down to it. It's an alternative to driving that saves you money, gets you in shape, AND saves the environment in one fell swoop!
My best bike ride was riding from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids (Michigan) in a single jaunt; about 45 miles, slightly uphill the whole way, and on a not very good bike. I stayed the night in GR, and made the return ride the next day. My legs were sore, to be sure, but I felt like a total baller.
I like your Christian Bale example. I think we tend to get stuck in this idea that our physical form is immutable, and we must simply accept the body that was dealt us by fate, as though at random. It's really not the case; we change every day, and it's a matter of choosing the direction of change. Do we want to gradually slide into lethargy and frailty as entropy sinks it's claws into our bones? Or do we want to fight and shape ourselves until, we too, are ripped like Batman?
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