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Originally Posted by MirniMausi View Post
Thanks a lot! I'll go look for a similar pattern.

As for buttons on the uniforms, they don't have that in the musicals. In the Stars Musical, they had zippers on the backside (which could clearly be seen as they went through the collar. I'll try to hide the zipper, though).

Cotton sateen sounds good

You helped a lot!!!
I didn't bother putting a zipper in my Eternal Myu Moon cosplay, it just seemed like too much of a hassle..

On to progress: Decided to re-do my hip rolls because the ones I made before are too hard and therefore can't attach them with snaps or sew them on. So instead, by remaking them, I'll stitch both the gold and pink layers together before stuffing with foam (decided to do foam this time, similar to Ranma's tutorial - to get a better shape (as my old hip rolls were bumpy as hell).

I also ordered two 16" zips to put on my boot covers. I cut the bangs on my wig and trying to make it all neat. I hair-sprayed the hell out of the pigtails, so now they're nice n straight and stiff - so I don't have to worry about brushing them every 5 minutes or worried about the fibres getting caught on my winged bow.

Got money so I can buy the feather boas to attach to my wings, so now I actually have to go out and buy them… Gloves are finished. Will start making the accessories soon!

Aaah, I've nearly finished this cosplay, so excited!
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