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Originally Posted by Seifer-sama View Post
@ FuriePhoenix: I agree with LKD and Crimsonvision; it does look like there is a bunch of extra fabric gathered into the tail to make it poof out more. I know you said you can't buy more fabric, but do you have any scraps or leftovers that might help fluff it out? If not, I would just make it as best as you can and purchase the other materials when you have the money.
I dont think I do, I'll have to go look, but like you said.. if not I'll make do with it without or the party, then get extra fabric when I can ^^

Thanks everyone for the input and ideas! Really appreciate it! I'm pretty sure too that I can get away with cutting the fluke material in half again, so its a tad shorter and use that to pad it out some more too
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