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ALA 2013 Vocaloid Gathering

So I've never really hosted one of these before but seeing as no one else was picking up the flag. I may as well. So if you're going as a Vocaloid let me know which one and feel free to add what version. Also feel free to vote for which day would work best for all of you.
I'm gonna be going as Meiko while my pal Serolina is going as Lily. My other friend Kara will either be Miku or Gumi. Let me know.

My friend Serolina is going to help me run it, if anyone with gathering running assistance wants to give me some pointers that would be awesome.

Also for location I'm thinking of doing the pool patio but if anyone else has suggestions, again, let me know. I promise not to bite. *laughes* I'm a very chillaxed and friendly person, I promise.

Timing wise, from what it looks like, we will aim for Saturday in the early afternoon. Possibly 12pm or 1pm.

Oh! And bring props! Leeks, eggplants, ice cream containers, empty sake bottles, and the likes are more than WELCOME!
(I was considering try to do a bikini pool side photo shoot later but that's if anyone else would be interested as well.)
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I can't wait to see you all there!!!
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