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Originally Posted by FuriePhoenix View Post
I dont think I do, I'll have to go look, but like you said.. if not I'll make do with it without or the party, then get extra fabric when I can ^^

Thanks everyone for the input and ideas! Really appreciate it! I'm pretty sure too that I can get away with cutting the fluke material in half again, so its a tad shorter and use that to pad it out some more too
The lycra is not going to give you the support you want; it will be a little bunch where you gather it but it will still hang straight down from there. You can get the thick netting from fabric stores very cheaply (some cased under $1 a yard) & just gather it up as best you can. I only used two layers of netting under my fin seen here and it holds it shape well (pls excuse the funny face; I was laughing at my hubby who was pretending to hold the gun to my head lol):

You need to not only support it at the attachment point but all the way down and out for it to hold its shape due to the weight of the lycra. I know it feels light but it doesn't have body of its own so you need the support the whole way.
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