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Just an update: I mailed the lenses back 8/18 and they arrived 8/20. According to tracking, it looks like they are leaving the parcel sitting there. The status changed to "unclaimed". I definitely mailed it back using the address they provided which matched the sender address on the package they originally sent to me. Not sure if this is in the process of a "return to sender" deal but I have never seen something get marked as "unclaimed" but it is still in the city. Anyone familiar with USPS terms care to elaborate?

They also haven't replied to my email from 8/18 or a question I sent 8/21. Their "live help" chat feature on the site does not do anything either. I completely understand that they are in a different time zone but they definitely should have been able to reply to an email I sent on Saturday when it is now Wednesday.

Sooo, I have to wait and see what happens. If they have not issued a refund come 9/18, I can file a formal dispute with my credit card. I sadly do not see this ending too amicably, which I had first hoped.
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