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Ah, first real cosplay nightmare last night. I blame my stupid on the fritz sewing machine.

So anyways, I dreamt that the day I was supposed to check in at D*Con me and literally everyone I could think of that I knew decided to drag me to a mall on a giant yellow school bus driven by my crazy bus driver from last year. I kept saying I needed to go, but no one would let me leave. Finally I bribed the bus driver with books to take me to the hotel, and when I arrived it turned out I missed either the bird or monkey show, and I had to wait until the next one to go to the room with my friends. Then it turns out my suitcase was replaced by a replica one filled with guy costumes too short for me. Though somehow it turned out that I had grabbed the wrong one and mine was in my mom's car . So then the bus appears again and the bus driver offers to take me how to get it. Of course it turns out that my mom's car is in the hotel parking lot and the bus driver remembers this halfway to my house, so he leaves me on the side of the road. So then the dream fast forwards to me on my shared hotel room the first day of the con. I open my suitcase, and the only things in it is my penguin underwear, a roll of flaming dragon duct tape, and all the uncut fabric I used to make my costumes. There's no scissors in the room so I'm forces to tape the fabric into some semblance of a costume or be forced to wear my Garfield PJ's in front of everyone. I woke up after I had to apply tape to my head to keep my wigs on.

I really need to quit pulling allnighters before cons O.o
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