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Name of Commissioner: Dear Dahlia Designs, Martha Powell.
Character commissioned: (1 Full Costume Cosplay) Pirate Britain/U.K./England/Arthur Kirkland (Pants, Coat, Shirt, Vest, Decorations, Boot Spats)
Series: Hetalia
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:,
Timeline: Less than a month!

Describe your Experience: Oh, gosh, where do I begin!? She is AMAZING! This is my first time commissioning her and I already have planned four more projects with her. She is a sweetheart, friendly, and just so energetic and up-beat about her commissions! Through the whole process this is definitely the most fun I've ever had with a commissioner! She will update you with MANY, MANY, MANY pictures! (Which I adore! Enjoyed! And even missed when she wasn't working or online!) This is definitely a different and a new experience when it comes to commissioning! And I loved every bit of it! Dear Dahlia Designs contacted me through an older ad. that I had placed a few months ago asking for a Professional Commissioner for some cosplays. I had informed that I had already found commissioners for those cosplays, but that if she was accepting other different types of cosplay commissions, I would be willing to send them to her and commission her for them. Needless to say, she agreed, I sent her an e-mail, she gave me quotes, and it was the beginning of a fun and enjoyable commission experience. (It sounds so odd saying it like that, but it really was!) I never thought that a commissioner could be energetic and at the same time so professional, well, she blew those thoughts instantly away...and in the most positive light I've ever seen. Dear Dahlia provided me with her contact information and her website which is updated regularly and also shows past works she has done. She is a fashion major student, so she has a professional and a knowledgeable background beside her. We began the commission and she informed when she received the payment, when she purchased the fabrics, when she began sewing, and you KNOW when she's working, because she WILL contact you, and ask how you want your cosplay to look, if you have any style you would like it to resemble, and so forth. She will provide suggestions and her recommendation and will also give you options and show you different pictures of different styles. She will do her best to recreate what you ask her for and stay as close as possible to the original reference pictures and your descriptions. She is a joy to work with and shipped the item quickly and provided a Tracking Number. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a PROFESSIONAL commissioner with ENTHUSIASM in her work!

Pros: Speedy replies, professional, serious about her work and her commissions, but also really friendly, really energetic, and a sweetheart to work with. An honest commissioner and a very informative person, she will describe the process and will send you pictures, many pictures, about the process. Dahlia also let's you know when she's purchased the fabrics, shows you pictures of them, and contacts you when she has any questions or suggestions for a part of the cosplay. (She will not make an assumption and make a decision blindly, no, she will contact YOU and ASK!) Has an In-Progress page in her website that updates regularly. She provided me with information about the fabrics she was using and sent me pictures of the buttons even, so I could see and choose which one I wanted, she also gave me her suggestion on which one she thought would look best with the reference pictures that I provided her with. She's honest and told me which cosplay she felt confident doing and how many cosplays she could take in an order. She provided me with a Tracking Number.

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A+++ (Infinite +s)
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