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I have had an incredibly horrible experience with this commissioner. I paid for 3 full costumes and only received 2 of them. Those 2 costumes were okay. One of the tops had a very bad choice of shirt closure and the boots I paid for where way to large even though I provided measurements for the boots well beyond what they requested. They simply 'forgot' about the third costume I had paid for. Then, when they finally bothered sending it to me, it was horribly rushed, very poor quality, and totally missing the shoes which I had requested and paid for.

I have still not received the shoes or a refund and they have not responded to the last email I sent to them on June 24th. When I pointed out all the mistakes with the costume, they were argumentative and pretty much implied that I should be happy with their poor quality work given the price they quoted me (note that I did not ask for any discounts and simply paid the price they first quoted me). I think they under quoted me and, instead of telling me it would cost more than expected, took short cuts when making my costume...the biggest short cut being not making or sending the shoes at all.

I highly recommend ordering from the ebay site because, if something goes wrong, maybe they will bother helping you if they know you can give them a negative feedback unlike me who they seem content to ignore. Or just don't order from them at all.
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