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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Well mine isn't complicated at all, at least compare to some of the other characters. XD It's just a simple scythe
That's true! But every character has a weapon and has black as their color palette! xD
Good luck with Death Scythe!

Originally Posted by devilgirl32 View Post
for the day why don't we hold one on friday and saturday? idk about you guys but BGS is the only character i'm going to cosplay as since making the costume is going to be time consuming and financially consuming

another suggestion, just in case the area next to the escalators facing the windows don't work (i.e. some other group is using it already) we can use the lobby area to the left of registration (where they give out 18+ bands) b/c there's alot of room for props and there's also good lighting since there's a bunch of windows there
We can do both days, I'm fine with that! But Right now, we're not sure who's doing BRS on what day but hopefully we get a good amount going! But personally, I would vote for Saturday because that's when most people go all out on their cosplay! xD And at this point I'm not sure if we're able to reserve friday and saturday, because other series might want to use that space as well.

And as for the location, I'm sure that if we jump on it, that spot will be ours. We just need to wait for someone to organize the official photoshoot schedule for all series (game/anime/show/etc). And if we don't get that location, we can still meet there anyways and wait for everyone. Then as a group, we can move to that location you were describing! ^^

As for time, I was thinking about somewhere around noon? I wouldn't recommend later in the afternoon because it'll be too hot, and I'll probably end up switching into a different cosplay. xD
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