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If you guys are having a problem with horn making why not try the foam, you know the one they use for plant decorating, cover it with a single layer of clay sand it and paint, lighter and more sturdy.

Cosplays WIP:

Dont hug me im scared: 10%
Aoba Cheer AU: 85%
Aoba mookie design: 60%
Lolita SNK: 75%
Female Roman from RWBY: 10%
Queen Ayrenn from Elder Scrolls Online: 5%

Mikasa from SNK
Eren from SNK
Ciel Phantomhive (demon Robin) from Kuroshitsuji
Levi from SNK
Dave Strider from Homestuck (God Tier)
Rose Lalonde from Homestuck (Christmas God Tier)
Jade Harley from Homestuck (fancy Dreamer)
Aoba from DMMD
Weiss from RWBY
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