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All 3 costumes were new and not listed on the site, though they are now. The 2 I did like well enough are both Fate Zero Irisviel Von Einzbern. The one poorly done outfit is Seer from FFA2 that they have listed under Final Fantasy XI. I hope to write a proper review soon.

The pictures they display are their own work which is why I commissioned them in the first place. I assume if you are ordering something they have already done, you will receive what is shown in the photos. However, I just felt I should share my experience. It's easier to see a persons true character when things go wrong than when things go right. They totally forgot to make the Seer costume, completely. Something I have gave them over 200 USD for they just never started working on. Then they rushed to finish it, which I specifically warned them against doing, and forgot to send the shoes. Now, because I complained about problems with the Seer costume, they refuse to respond to my emails and have essentially stolen the money I gave them for the shoes. I guess if you feel comfortable ordering from someone who would do that sort of thing, go for it. Clearly, I don't recommend ordering from them given how poorly they have treated me and the fact that they seem to think it is okay to take money from people and then not provide what was paid for or send a refund.

Edit: I would also like to point out that it's troublesome that they refuse to respond to my email set over 2 months ago. They are clearly answering emails from other people. If something goes wrong with your order, do you really want to be working with someone who just stops responding to you because they don't want to deal with the issue? It's incredibly unprofessional. I have made no unjust demands when emailing them. Other than list my complaints about the Seer costume (admittedly a very long list), I only asked that they either send me the shoes or a refund for them. I didn't ask for a refund on the costume or demand that they fix it or make a new one. Only that they provide what I paid for or refund me for what they never sent. They have done neither and have opted to ignore me and keep my money instead.
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