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Hey guys, future Madoka and Mami cosplayer popping in to say hi! Anyhoo, I'm not sure when I'm going to start this, but I figured I'd ask right now anyway for future reference.

So I'm planning on cosplaying Ultimate Madoka eventually, and looking at her outfit, it's downright beautiful. -HOWEVER-, there's one thing that's stumping me. Her shoes. DX;;; At first glance it looks like she's wearing stockings with white pumps. Closer look however shows that the heels are the same color as her stockings and the front of the pumps are white. Anyone got a good suggestion on what I should do for it?

I mean I could just wear white pumps and get stockings and whatnot....but I wanna try to make my shoes match as possible to hers, if it's anyway possible. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. And before I forget, here's a picture to show what I'm speaking of.

If you need to make it bigger you can just click on the picture and it'll zoom in for you. :'3
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