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Originally Posted by Danteisagenius View Post
I sort of do have the issue Lithium Flower spoke of; I really dislike the medical field. I took an AP Bio class and still have nightmares about it! (I did great in the class, just don't care for the subject.) Also, blood makes me queezey, or at least veins do!
One thing that helped me a lot when trying to narrow down what to study in college was thinking about what I didn't like. Maybe that will prove useful for you too!

For example, I'm with you about being slightly uncomfortable with blood (at least, seeing it come out of a person); but I'm fine with it in a tube. AP Bio was one of my favourite classes, and I did really well in it-- so I'm now thinking about bioengineering as a field of study. I don't think I would handle being a doctor well, so why even consider med school? Though I like that sort of science, medical treatment is one offshoot I'm not interested in, so I can rule it out and keep looking.

Think that over while you take some electives/gen ed stuff, and you'll be all right! Remember that you can always change your major too. Good luck. <3
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