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Originally Posted by Danteisagenius View Post
I sort of do have the issue Lithium Flower spoke of; I really dislike the medical field. I took an AP Bio class and still have nightmares about it! (I did great in the class, just don't care for the subject.) Also, blood makes me queezey, or at least veins do! I do however agree that I may never find a job I love. Really I am looking for something that has good growth, I don't hate (highstress+me=bad), and that doesn't consume my every waking hour. A community college to broaden my horizons is starting to sound better and better!
OTOH - there a lot of things that fall under the category of medical field. Some of them don't even involve dealing directly with patients, let alone their bodily fluids. Public health, clinical trials, X-ray/MRI technician, hospital administration. Many of these positions are high-paying and intellectually challenging. They all contribute to patient care. Some people might find that more fulfilling than selling shirts (not that there's anything wrong with selling shirts - I hated working in sales and was really really bad at it.)

Oh - and don't take out student loans!
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