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Re:Student loans
At least not if you can help it. Even if you have to skip semesters to avoid taking out loans, do it.

I had around 25-30k covered in various grants and scholarships when I applied for fancy ass art college. This alone could cover your courses for community college several times over.

Keep in mind the financial aid counselor mislead me (lied out her teeth) about what it would cost me to attend and I had around 30k in out of pocket payments I'd have to make so I told them to suck my nads and canceled all my classes before school even began.

Fuck dat noise.

But you can get a good amount of money through scholarships and grants! If you're going to a community college those grants could even pay for your entire schooling, depending on how many classes you take and the like. If you're family makes below a certain level each year you are also eligible for a grant specifically for low-income households like I was. At the time my mother was unemployed so our household income was incredibly low.

Here's a sad little fact: Student loans are higher then credit card debt and the only payment you will still be responsible for paying off if you file bankruptcy.
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