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So what Jia means is she wishes she had my life.

But for reals.
Nothing is wrong with taking your time and gathering up some life experience before making the huge leap and financial choice to decide what you want to do with your life RIGHT NOW.

I really cannot believe schools are still telling 16 year olds that if they don't know exactly what to do by the time they graduate they're going to slip into a fit of despair and be homeless forever. Or whatever it is counselors do now a days.

You've had like what...1/50th of the life experience that people who have fulfilling careers do? How can you possibly be expected to know in your teens what your life is going to be like 30 years from now?

Sit back, enjoy being young and carefree, and not having classes to pay for.

I just laughed out loud when I realized Jia had a quote from me in her signature. I don't think I've felt this kind of honor since being praised by the fallen hero's in Sovngarde.
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