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I see you're listed as from the USA... as such, I would tell you not to go into College (or other degrees) unless you are sure of what you want. Because everyone tells me high education in the USA costs a hefty amount and you don't want to take loans where you are. If you don't know what you want, you might as well look into having a job before you decide what you want to study in.

As for the field... uh, you're the only one that knows what you enjoy, just don't make a silly choice like medieval history and wonder why there aren't job offers raining down the skies.


I'm not really the kind of person who'd say to "pick something you like", I would tell you "pick something you have a future in".

That means it's a study field that is both in demand and you have a basic talent in so you don't struggle to keep a job in the field or get hired in the first place (Be realist so you can make the difference between "I like doing this" and "I'm good at this"). Regardless of ideals, you'll need money to survive later in life --- and a good job is integral to that.

To know what you have talent in, well, look at your interests, then explore possible future jobs that use those. Although I admit this line of thought applies more easily to jobs that don't require you to succeed via creativity or the whim of people (Anything arts, writing, etc... stuff that is meant for entertainment rather than producing a usable ressource). Those fields are hard as heck to succeed into.

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