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I'm guessing Mixaka ordered during a busy season because they have had issues with getting a huge flood of costumes done during that time and they've warned people on their site about that. Sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted and expected. I had issues with another site that never gave us what we ordered so I know how upset you must have been. However they don't steal other sites pictures and that's why I bought from this site. We got what we saw. Perhaps they updated their way of doing business. They got our order right on time. Everything was included as shown.

Sadly the costume you disliked wasn't shown under the topic you said so I can't see. If you dislike them I suggest doing your own review with pictures (Both stock and of the item you got) for people to see. Oh, have you tried e-mailing them from both their e-mails? They have two listed. If you e-mailed them through the forum on their site they most likely didn't get it. That forum doesn't seem to work. It didn't work for us when we tried so we e-mailed them.


I wouldn't be worried over ONE bad review. I did a lot of research on the site before hand (which I suggest everyone does) and found good reviews. Yes they have been known to forgot items but have always shipped them out free of charge because it was their mistake.

But really guys, it's up to you if you buy from them or not. I'm not saying you HAVE to or anything. I'm just sharing my positive experience.
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