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I haven't make it my mission to do anything other than share my experience. I would certainly prefer people not order from them but I assume anyone in my shoes would feel the same. But you are clearly welcome to order from them if that is what you want to do. I would not feel insulted. If you decide to commission from them, I would simply wish you good luck with your experience and hope it turns out like VictorianMess' and not like mine.

I would have loved to receive such amazing service and costumes as detailed in her review. Her review is exactly what I was hoping for with my commission, proper fit, details noticed, quick responses to email. I did my research on the company and liked what I saw or I would not have commissioned 3 costumes from them all at once. But my experience has been nothing like what I expected or what VictorianMess experienced. Below are more details about the commission for anyone who may be interested in knowing more about what happened.

I first contacted them in late February about the costumes and paid the first week in March of 2012. 2 of the costumes arrived on April 30th. I don't know if that is their busy time or not. I know they did not have any sort of notice about being busy on their site like they do now for Halloween costumes and their earliest open time slot was listed as early April. I specifically asked them to take their time with the costumes as my deadline was not set in stone. Even for the Seer costume they forgot to start in March, I asked that they take their time so that I would be sure not to get rushed work. That costume arrived June 23rd minus the shoes. I assume they took all the time they felt they needed to complete the projects to the best of their ability.

I was pleased with the first two costume. With some slight alterations, a staple gun to take in the boots, and the addition of a hidden zipper they were great. I guess that set my expectations for the Seer costume fairly high. Even though they forgot about it, I voiced no complaints because the first 2 costumes had me excited about how the Seer costume would turn out. During the time I was waiting for the Seer costume, I also contacted them about another project as well but they told me they would not be able to do it. I appreciated that they were honest about their abilities. When the Seer costume arrived I was horribly disappointed by the fact that the quality was much lower than the first costumes I got and the fact they again forgot to send me my complete order.

The Seer costume is in the Final Fantasy XI section. I am not sure why VictorianMess was unable to find it. If you go to, go to the column on the left and click Final Fantasy XI. My costume is the one listed under that link as Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Seer Cosplay Costume. Here is a link if anyone is having trouble finding it. The preview image I sent them can be found here if you want to compare their work to the preview. There is only the one picture available of the outfit. I also started a gallery of some of the mistakes they made on the costume here . I sent the pictures to them as well to let them know why I was not happy with the costume. There are more issues that I have not yet taken pictures of including sizing issues not present with the first 2 costumes they sent me and a faulty zipper for the pants. A lot of the costume is just confusing to me such as the total lack of details with the mittens, the poor choice of fabric for the mittens, the missing details and colored cords with the pouch accessory, re-using fabrics where different colored fabrics should have been used, what the brown straps hanging from the sides are supposed to be, and why uncut button holes were used to simulate the black stitching details around the edge of the cape and pants. I can't honestly imagine any professional seamstress using uncut button holes for that type of detailing. I was quite shocked. They got the general shape of the costume correct, which I applaud them for as it is not a normal shape but almost all of the most basic details were overlooked and the accessories just seemed like afterthoughts. Maybe I am being too harsh, but I really don't think so. Not given how good they seem to be at getting basic details correct on other, just as complicated costumes.

I cannot take a picture of the thing that is most upsetting as I can't take a picture of something that I was never sent. I paid for shipping of the Seer (everything but staff, earing, and wig) and 2 Fate Stay Zero costumes (everything but wig and black stockings) at the same time as paying for all 3 commissions. I was not offered any sort of discount or shipping refund for them forgetting to send or even start the Seer costume. I have also not been offered free shipping (not really free though as they would have included the shoes in the original shipping fee they calculated for me) or a refund on the shoes. They know about the issue and said they would make them for me or send a refund but they haven't done either and have not responded to or contacted me at all since June.

I wish I had a nice blog to post all this information to but I do not. Cosplay is an occasional hobby for me and not one that I document extensively online via blogs or social website sites. and occasionally cure are the only places I post pictures of my cosplay. Given my recent string of bad commissions even when due diligence is done, this one will probably be my last.
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