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I did a quick search about dying linen and nothing came up. Here is the quick rundown. Let me know if it's confusing or needs more details. The Fabric Store is not carrying there heavy weight linen in Firecracker red or anyother color good for Miko robes (kyede, inu yasha, priestess). Could I dye one of the fabrics they do carry? Which one would work best (bleached, natural, Krista natural)? Does it matter if the fabric is softened or not? What dye would work best? I mainly have Rit on hand, but would be willing to look for another? And finally, how much should I use? I know that with brighter colors like reds your should use 2 and even 3 times the amount the bottle suggests to get the right color. printed=
Please and thank you. I'm sorry there isn't a pic.
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