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((A few more reviews are coming right up!))

Name of Merchant: Etika/Classe (Classe is the brand, but Etika is the authorised reseller. There is no listing for Etika in this thread yet, and so far it has alternated between creating a separate listing for a reseller and just listing reseller reviews under the brand's listing)

Website I bought from:
Original Classe link (discontinued):

Item purchased: Classe Serah Farron character wig

Links to picture(s) of your received item:
^ As annoyed as I am to no longer have a camera, Classe is really good about their products looking like the product images.

Timeline: I placed the order with my shopping service on June 9. They processed it and made the order June 12. They received the item on June 15. The wig was left in the service's warehouse for a few months, until I requested shipping on August 10. It shipped on the 14th, entered customs on the 16th, left customs 2 hr 20 min later, and my parents received the package on August 17. I requested shipping during a non-working day, so the tracking seemingly took longer to get online.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. I had been planning on nabbing some character wigs by Classe from Etika for some time, at least after Classe got slapped with a cease-and-desist for not having the license to produce character wigs. The only problem was, there was always so much other stuff I bought for myself that I kept putting it off to stay within my monthly budget. Then Etika held a store-wide "30% off for the first of each item listed sold!" and I was compelled to buy sooner rather than later. Don't get me wrong; it didn't become dirt cheap. But the 30% off discount help alleviate the shopping service fees, and I'd much rather buy stuff at 30% off than at full price... Now that I think about it, I probably should have taken that 30% off opportunity to buy more than just the one Serah wig...

The item? It is beautiful as always. The wig is as gorgeous as it is in the photos. I've gotten to the point that I don't bother to check colours across multiple screens; I know Classe makes lovely colours. This Serah wig is no different; its various colour fibers come together to create a stunning pink. It's an original colour designed by Classe for the Serah and Lightning character wigs they offered. The description says it is comprised of pinks, purples, silvers, and browns to create the overall colour, and the first thing I did when I got my grubby hands on it was to inspect the fiber colours very closely; I wanted to see how the magic happened!

The front bangs are 20 cm, the back 35 cm, and the side tail 70 cm. The listing also includes instructions on how to cut the bangs to match their picture.

The wig was stuffed with paper, then put into one of those wig net things. Also included were two wig caps, one black and one skin coloured. Unlike my Vanille wig, this did not include a slip of paper talking about "Classe improved our wig caps!" Anywho. That was all placed into a box (like my Vanille wig), which was a temporary packaging between their vinyl cases and the new tote bags; unlike my Vanille wig, since it was only shipped with other wigs, which are much lighter than a five-DVD-case-Vocaloid-software-set, Serah's box had a smaller crease in the corner. The box was then put into a black bag of some sort, presumably standard Etika packaging. Placed below the wig was the usual ziploc (for wig storage after initial delivery) with wig-wearing and wig-care instructions.

If I had to be super super nitpicky, a few of the longer fibers didn't quite make it into the ponytail elastic. And I'm still annoyed the Lightning wigs were sold out at Etika and the other reseller before I got to buy one. Lesson learned, boys and girls. If you see something you like and know that simply none other will do, buy it before you can't.

Final Grade: A+
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