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Name of Merchant: FM-Anime
Website: FM-Anime Website
Ordered: This wig, but in light gold instead.
Timeline: Ordered August 6, 2012 - Arrived August 22, 2012
Describe your Experience: I use FM-Anime a lot, and I will continue to report all my experiences with them! This time I bought just a wig, and specified very clearly that I wanted it in a different color. I'm naturally paranoid, so I was so worried that they wouldn't get the memo and send me the wrong color, but sure enough it arrives, and oh my Arceus it's beautiful! I actually had to cut it, so there will be no pics uploaded as they are now irrelevant, but let me assure you it's a BEAUTIFUL wig and it's jsut what's pictured, except the color change. XD

The ponytails were originally 60 cm, and I was nervous about this. My last experience with a long wig was HELL (I got it from ebay, it was my first long wig...just...ugh.). This wig would not tangle unless I purposefully tangled it. Seriously. As long as I comb it before I put it back on the wig head, it doesn't tangle. It's super soft and very comfy. It also came with a free wig cap, the black fishnet kind. :3

Overall, I'm satisfied as usual!

Final Grade: A+

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