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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
WOA 100 bux? Hell no..What you want to doi is get shorts at the thrift store and cut them in the right design at the bottom (really just get a little choppy,) then fold the bottoms up. After the bottoms are folded up fold them in half like you are gonna put them in your dresser but put heavy books or something on the folded area to make sure they stay folded a bit. Or you can sew a little bit but that will look a little worse.

Then buy a red bikini that's a little too small. Unless you are not comfortable with parts of your boobs showing then you can just use a bikini top in your size.

I can't tell what the Black top is suppose to look like so I can't help there..Do you have another pic of what it looks like? If you do I may be able to help there too

The boots you MIGHT be able to find in the thrift store, but maybe not..If not get brown knee high boots and ad the detail (looks like the top has a strap with a buckle. That's easy). Then get stockings in the right color and your done

As for the prop, I can't tell what it is exactly

thank you so much:3
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