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@VictorianMESS First off I DID search after several reviews from the site before I came here (and yes they were positive like I wrote in my first post here). It was quite a shock to see that a site that got many good reviews just happened to fail that bad in a commission. Sure, no one is perfect but misses (especially big ones) opens your view of a store more and tells you that things isn´t always "happy-go-lucky 100% secure and satisfaction " witch they say they always are. We learn from misses, they make us improve and we can always have them in mind for a safer tomorrow.

I wouln´t roll with the thought that something is 100% secure in the Internet even if I would order there. I would always be a little bit careful no matter what others say about a site, even if it has several good reviews. That´s what I try to say, so I understand, respect and share your experience and its point. But take also my reply with respect and understanding. I just want to say how I look at things and wants no fights with anyone.

Thank you.
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