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Vicky, I've had three knee surgeries on my right knee for a torn meniscus (every time it was the same injury). I had given up on the idea of being perfectly OK ages ago since my first knee surgery was 17. What's a bit of pain when I acknowledge that every pound I lose is equal to four pounds off of my knees? I'm stronger, faster, and more stable than I was before. I can balance better too. Is it risky? Dunno, but I'm handling it pretty well.

EDIT: After that first surgery I was diagnosed with "congenital collagen hyperlaxity" which to my understanding basically means I was born with superloose joints and am highly likely to end up arthritic, glucosamine and chondroitin helped for a while. I'm what people call "double jointed."

I WILL however note that I got an exercise mat, it's a half inch think and I got it at Dick's, it's really cut down on any pain I was feeling from the workouts.

EDIT: this is the mat

Slapthefatcat, I didn't follow the nutrition plan at all really, I just started cutting down on my ridiculous overeating by making food and then putting half of it away since I'm so used to preparing a certain amount. I have lots of leftovers.

I don't count calories either, but the plan will have you shoot for 5x 300 calorie meals/day, adjusted depending on your caloric need.

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