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Thanks everyone! It's great to hear from people who have gone through this or are facing a similar situation! Everyones posts have been so helpful; I feel loads less stressed having been able to do this. Exercise is really the only thing aside from breathing (my innner artist is very used to containment..) that I MUST have, so working a job and doing part time college could certainly work out. This way I could get basic classes out of the way and worm in some cash. The thing about taking a year off is that I would lose out on so many scholarship opportunities. I know I can suffer through just about anything, even if it isn't "fun." I guess I am sort of like Yumi Shika said; I don't really like much and probably wouldn't hate whatever I do (as long as it has some perks!). My parents keep telling me that they know I'll give my all to whatever I do, even if it's not so fun.. Once again, thank you everyone for the time and thought you all put into this; I seriously do feel so much better. You're all so helpful!! Me and everyone who has to deal with my "mental meltdowns" are so greatful!
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